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[Pritchard was] "well-grounded in the art of orchestral conducting...His interpretive sense was tasteful and innovative."

--K.S. Morrison, The Macon Telegraph


"...The conductor, Dr. Gregory Pritchard, brings a sense of humor with his baton..."

--Wes Sarginson, WXIA Atlanta


"Quite possibly the bravest man in the hall Sunday was Gregory Pritchard, Conductor of the Kokomo Symphony Youth Orchestra. Mr. Pritchard, who also serves as the Associate Conductor for the Kokomo Symphony and is a fine bassoonist in his own right, programmed an unusually aggressive set for this concert. The program shows a veritable Who's Who of composers from the 1750's to the 1970's."

John Christenson, The Kokomo Tribune


"With dancers and a narrator, the audience tends not to notice the conductor, but Pritchard gave a solid display of skill handling Gould's rhythmic quirks and lively melodies."

Jeffrey Kacmarczyk, The Grand Rapids Press

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